Batman's Robin to the (Dog) Rescue

Gentle Giants - dog rescue and adoptions for giant breed dogs

Batman’s Robin is still fighting for the underdog! I was reading my latest issue of Dog Fancy magazine the other day where I found an article about a very unique dog rescue. Seventeen years ago (as of this writing) Burt Ward and his wife Tracy founded the Gentle Giants Rescue and Adoption non-profit dog rescue organization. This is hands down the biggest dog rescue organization I’ve ever seen and I don’t mean just in the number of dogs they rescue, care for and find homes for but in dog SIZE as well! When I went to their website and watched their video my eyes bugged out and all I could think was “Holy Furkids, Batman!” and could not resist spreading the word on their tremendous efforts to help needy big dogs.

Gentle Giants specializes in rescuing and finding homes for the giant dog breeds like Great Danes, Newfoundlands, Mastiffs, Great Pyrenees, Irish Wolfhounds and other members of the giant dog breed families. They don’t limit their rescue efforts to the giant breed dogs either, you’ll find even itty bitty four-legged furkids amongst the varied breeds at their rescue. Click on over to the Gentle Giants website and see for yourselves the number and variety of dog breeds in their care and be prepared to be amazed! I know I sure was!

I know all to well how much shedding goes on at our house with our two German Shepherds and the work and money it takes to feed and care for them. I cannot even imagine multiplying this by the number and the sizes of dogs that Gentle Giants cares for. This is absolutely mind boggling, folks! I cannot even imagine taking on this kind of responsibility! Fighting for the underdog takes on a whole new loving meaning at Gentle Giants. Burt and Tracy are living my dream but on a much larger scale than I ever imagined was possible and I’m in awe of their rescue operation. They are definitely on my list of people I would love to meet some day. To visit their rescue would be an absolute dog lovers joy! I’m so jealous that they get to spend their days among all these beautiful creatures.

Check Out Their Gentle Giants Dog Food

Not only do they take in and care for these dogs but they care so much about them that they delved into the nutritional needs of the giant breed dogs and are now producing and selling their very own dog food. Oh how I wish more people took feeding their dogs more seriously than grabbing a bag of grocery store dog food. If you have a giant breed dog you might want to check out their product and here’s a link to the Gentle Giants dog food order page.

With Our Gratitude

I think one of the main reasons Gentle Giants has touched my heart so much is that a celebrity has chosen to help dogs. They’re not just out there making money and taking advantage of Burt’s celebrity status trying to be (more) famous. They’re not out to hit the front page of the papers or the cover of People magazine for themselves just to be in the public eye. They’ve found there’s more to life than being famous and to share themselves in a unique and loving way … a way to make celebrity status count and to make a difference for those who do not have a voice of their own.

Burt Ward will always be known as Batman’s sidekick – but in the world of dog lovers he’ll always be remembered for something so much more important.

Riley’s Place sends a HUGE THANK YOU to Burt, Tracy and their Gentle Giants rescue operation for taking on this tremendous responsibility and providing love, care and homes for these very special dogs.

Just a hint – their home page video might take awhile to load on your computer but dog lovers will be glad they waited!


4 responses on “Batman’s Robin to the (Dog) Rescue

  1. Burt Ward says:

    Hi Deb:

    Thank you for your kind posting. You are welcome to come visit our rescue whenever you wish.

    We’ve now been operating our rescue for 17 years and have rescued, cared for, taken care of all medical issues, and found safe, loving homes for more than 14,000 dogs, primarily giant breeds.

    Every day, we feed more than 600 lbs. of our Gentle Giants dog food to our rescued dogs, and combined with our feeding and care program, we have doubled the average life span of our giant breeds, and significantly increased the average life span of small and medium breeds.

    We’re on our way to the store right now to pick up a copy of Dog Fancy magazine.

    Very best regards,

    Burt Ward
    (951) 818-2512

    • Mom says:

      Hi Burt,

      Thanks so much for dropping by. We really appreciate you taking the time (which must be in very short supply with all the dogs you have to care for!) to chat with us. If I ever get to your area I will most definitely drop by and thank you for the invitation. We hope you enjoy your Dog Fancy magazine and the very nice article on you and your rescue.

  2. Lynne Silveira says:

    I saw you and wife on Today show. God Bless the two of you. I started crying I was so happy to see so many happy, thriving dogs. I used to take in many gentle giants myself when I had my own home on five acres in Clovis, Ca. People would hear about me and bring their dogs. I would always get attached and would just keep them all. I went thru domestic violence divorce and lost my home a few years ago and it is my animals that I live for now. I hope to be in a house again one day of my own and be able to adopt from you people. Thank God there are people like you.

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