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The gang at Riley's Place

The gang from Riley’s Place — Nissa, Deb (Mom), Joe (Dad) and Riley
Photo by Peggy Morsch LIfe Photography

My Mom is absolutely nuts about me and my “sister” Nissa. She really loves the German Shepherd breed. Mom’s become great friends with my “Judi Mom” who founded the Central Wisconsin German Shepherd Rescue, where she adopted me from.

After getting to know Judi, reading lots of stuff about GSD’s who live in shelters and rescue places, and getting totally hooked on all the animal rescue shows on the Animal Planet tv channel, Mom decided she wanted to do what she can to help other German Shepherds find homes, and be safe, healthy and happy. It became real obvious to her that there are way to many critters that need help and not enough people to help them. She decided she wants to help the and other pet rescue organizations. We live in the city and have a very small yard, so she’s limited in what she can do. Her dream is that when she retires from her regular job, she hopes that we can move out to the country with lots of space for dogs to play safely and open her own rescue or at least help out other rescues by becoming a full-time GSD foster home.

We’re All About Loving GERMAN SHEPHERDS!

Mom’s a web designer so of course, her first idea was to put together a web site. I don’t see any spiders running around and since Mom’s phobic about the creepy crawlies I guess “web site” doesn’t have anything to do with finding spiders or she wouldn’t have anything to do with it. She really freaked out one day when I saved her from a centipede. I dunno what the big deal was all about and I’ve definitely had tastier treats. She told me that this web site is for others like her who love German Shepherds, whether you have one, want one or just love us. I know there are lots more just like me who really need and want their own families to love and live with. Mom says some really awful things can happen to German Shepherds who don’t have a real home so I think it’s pretty cool that she wants to try to help out.

My BFF (Best Furry Friend)

Oh, before I forget, when Mom started this web site, this was a one dog house – mine! She decided after awhile that it would be great if I had a live-in friend. I was all for it! So, I do have to share my web space with my BFF Best Furry Friend Nissa – (next to Mom of course) . She told me that even though I may have “top billing” with the name, that I had to make sure that folks know that Nissa is just as special as I am – even if she is a GIRL! ;-) Oh – and by the way – this house is STILL MINE!


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