Pet Hints & Hazards

Probably the most important thing for pet owners to learn and practice are good pet safety rules. It amazes me sometimes how many people are not safe with their pets. I would like to think that some of these people are just mis-informed and that they will become informed before their pet suffers a negative consequence over what their owner did or didn’t do. Just as it’s your job as a parent to keep your human child safe, it’s your job to keep your pet safe.

One of our goals here at Riley’s Place, is to provide information to help people become more informed. Our site may be dedicated to the German Shepherd breed and geared to helping GSD rescues, but that doesn’t mean we’re going to ignore other dog breeds, other breed rescue groups or other types of pets. In general, you’ll be able to apply some of the information you find here, to just about any pet but please use good common sense. We are not veterinarians or animal health professionals of any sort, nor are we trying to be. Never take information from any web site and consider it to be “gold” unless you check with your pet’s veterinarian.

IMPORTANT – Your Level of Understanding

  • Riley’s Place and it’s affiliates and/or associates are not responsible for what you do with the information found on our site. What you do with this information with regards to your own pets or other animals is your responsibility not ours. We would never intentionally post information that may be hazardous to any animal.
  • Not all information applies to all animals, whether they’re pets or not. We have no control over what you do with anything you read here, therefore we cannot and will not take responsibility for your actions.
  • We consider Riley’s Place to be a reference tool and do not claim to be experts in any topic we talk about here. Much of our information is gained from our own personal beliefs and experiences which we pass on to you in the hopes that we can help you in some way. Please always do your own research before proceeding with anything you find on our site. The situations we get our experience from may or may not be the same as yours.
  • Repeat after me – check with your veterinarian – Check With Your Veterinarian – CHECK WITH YOUR VETERINARIAN before moving forward with any information you find here with regards to your dog’s health. Got it?
  • Information regarding dog training or behavior should be discussed with a professional trainer or dog behaviorist. Remember that your dog is yours and ours are ours and although situations may sound alike, information found here may not be suitable for your family, your dog or your living environment. Individual health issues and personality quirks (both yours and your dog’s!) must also be taken info consideration.

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