Help Disclaimer

If you’re having issues with your dog, I welcome the opportunity to try to help. Please first attempt to locate a blog topic that matches your issue and post your comment there. You can use the SEARCH box for this. If you don’t find a post that closely resembles your needs, click over to my contact form and tell me about the problem. In order to get the most helpful response, please be as specific as possible. If your topic isn’t currently available on our site and I feel we may be able to help, I’ll start a blog post on it.

Post It Don’t Email It

I do *not* provide any form of help privately by email or any other method. Our website is here to help and educate as many people as possible. Private consultations do not accomplish this. If you wish to have your name or other identifying information withheld, simply write your comments in such a way as to not identify yourself or your location.

Sigh …. I continue to get email after email from folks who seem to read an existing post on our website and then click over to the contact form to send me a private request for help. If you think you’ll get faster service this way, please think again. I don’t offer private service so you’re only holding up your own response and taking up my time with emails I cannot answer personally. You’ll likely get an email response telling you I can’t help you through email and to please post your comments in the appropriate blog topic. This becomes a vicious circle that wastes both our time. I’m truly sorry but everyone has to follow the rules and wait their turn.

How Long Will it Take to Get a Response?

Please be patient, comments are answered in the order I receive them. There have been times where it takes one to two months to answering posts. I wish I had the time to respond within a few days but there is one of me and many more of you. My answers will be as thorough as I know how to be. It takes time to review and consider what you say, sometimes I must do some research and then compose what I feel is an appropriate response based on the information you give me. I also have other responsibilities which prohibit me from living on this website.

You must remember that I’m not there, I must rely only on the information you provide me which sometimes isn’t complete. Even if it is, remember that I wasn’t present at the time your incident occurred therefore my responses are literally just my best guesses tempered with my gut feeling, dog-life experiences and education. If I’d seen what happened, my response may be different. I respond in the order comments are received which means you could be the only one on the list or 20th or more on the list.

When I post a response to you I attempt to notify you by email that I’ve responded and include a link where my response is located, however email is not 100% reliable so please remember to check for responses. I’ve had instances of bounced emails due to people having made a typo in their email address.


Know ahead of time that you may not always like what I have to say. I’m not going to intentionally offend anyone but I’m also not just going to tell you what I think you want to hear, it’s not beneficial to sugar coat things. Dogs are very important to me and many times their well-being and sometimes their lives depend on their owners finding good, helpful information. It’s one of my goals to help save dogs lives and to help keep them with their families whenever possible. In most cases the decision to give up a dog is emotionally painful to the owner and even more emotionally painful to the dog so I try to help prevent this from happening as best I can.

I cannot and will not tell you what to do with your dog, this is not my decision to make. All my feedback should be taken only as informational and suggestions that may help you or your dog.


I hope that my responses are helpful and beneficial to you but I’m not a certified veterinarian, a dog behaviorist or dog trainer. All information and responses are based solely on my research, understandings, personal experiences and beliefs. Because I’m not certified, nothing I say will hold up in a court of law. Any suggestions I make that you attempt on your own are considered as an “at your own risk” situation and as a decision you made thus it is your responsibility. I’m not responsible for any negative experiences you may have as a result of you taking any of my suggestions or using my methods.

I welcome the opportunities you give me to attempt to be of help and value each and every comment I receive, but as always – what works for one dog does not work for all dogs or all situations involving dogs. Dogs are like people in the respect that as much as they’re all dogs, they’re also all individuals no different than humans are individuals.


We're sorry but Riley's Place is Not Accepting Help Requests or Blog Comments at This Time. Help Can be Found by Reading Existing Posts and Comments.