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How Our Gramma Helps

Gramma with her furry Grankids

Nissa, Gramma and Riley
Photo by Peggy Morsch Life Photography

For many people, money is always tight, but in these days of our horrendous economy, sadly, so many people are out of work and trying hard to feed their own families without the funds to do so properly. The last thing people in financial dire straights can do is to help feed and care for pets that don’t even belong to them. If they can’t feed their human family members, they’re most certainly having to cut back (and worse) on their pet’s food and other needs. More and more families and pets are eating poorly, going hungry, and having to forego even the most basic care. Humans don’t get to the doctor when they need to, pets don’t see the vet and paying a professional groomer is totally out of the question. Can you imagine not having the medicine you need or having to go without regular baths or showers? Our hearts go out to all the needy families and pets that are having such hard times and we hope that your situation improves very soon.

There is something everyone who has access to a computer can do to help feed and care for needy pets and it doesn’t cost a single penny! You can do what our Gramma does! She doesn’t have a pet, but she loves us and wants to help all the needy pets. Every day, our Gramma comes to our web site and clicks on our “Click Every Day” logo (located on the right side and bottom of our pages) which takes her to The Animal Rescue Site. When she gets to their website, she clicks on the big button at the top of the page. For every click, sponsors give their donations to help provide food and care for pets in need. 100% of these donations goes to animal charities!

Even if you don’t have money to donate, you can still help the furry and feathered kids out there that need it so much! Not only can you simply click a button to help provide for them, if you have the time, you can volunteer at the local animal shelter or rescue of your choice. If you do have funds you can spare, any animal shelter or rescue organization is grateful for your monetary donation in any amount.

If you have children living in your home, we encourage you to teach them to Click Every Day as well. These few moments you spend with the youngsters in your home will stay with them as they grow up and help to instill some good values in them. Not only can they carry these precious moments spent with you forever as a fond memory, they are learning to help those in need and that it doesn’t always take your own money to do it.

If our Gramma can do it, so can you. Thank you for helping to care for our friends who need it so much, Gramma, we love you, too!

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