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If you use Iverhart Ivermectin Plus heartworm prevention medication for your dog you need to read about their recall. There was not something harmful found in the product (isn’t that refreshing news?) it’s that several lots were found to be below Ivermectin potency level requirements prior to the expiration date meaning that affected lots will not protect your dog properly.

According to the articles, this applies only to dogs in the upper third of the weight range for the dosage. Being a bit on the paranoid side about what I put in my dog’s mouths — upper third or not (ours are in the middle) a product recall is a product recall and (perhaps trying to minimize their financial damage) by qualifying the dog’s size is something I want to look into more.

The links below will take you to two pages where you can check your own box lot numbers against the lot numbers on the list. I just checked my box and found it is on the list. I plan to call the number these articles provided (800-338-3659 extension 3052) to see what they’re doing about replacing affected lots that people already have in their cupboards. I’ll also email my vet to see if she’s received replacement instructions for those who purchased the product from them.

Please keep your dog safe from heartworm — check your lot numbers, call the number and contact your vet to get more information!

Links to the Recall Articles

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