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October 7, 2008
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Rescue Ink

I’ve just come across one of the coolest things I’ve ever seen or heard of. People magazine has an article in it’s Oct 27, 2008 issue about a group of 11 guys located in the New York City area who’ve started a non-profit animal welfare group. Since it’s inception in 2007 they’ve rescued a whopping 750 abused and neglected animals!

What’s so cool and unique? Lots of people are rescuing animals these days, what’s so special about these guys? They’re biker dudes! They are all covered in tattoos and have that tough Harley biker look about them. (No offense to Harley fans!)

To look at these guys they’re the “ones your Mamma warned you about” and that you wouldn’t want to meet up with in a dark alley. You can have a look for yourself by visiting their web site Rescue Ink. The New York Times has a lengthy article on them entitled “Heaven’s Angels” which describes some of their calls, how they get them and their associations with places like the ASPCA.

Resque Ink will go a long way for proving that looks can be deceiving and that just because it looks like a pit bull, doesn’t mean it is a pit bull. These guys are on my list of people I’d love to meet.


  1. Rubye Reid says:

    My name is Rubye Reid. I met you several years ago when you came with a group to rescue dogs from a shelter in Georgia. I am involved with a group we started about 6 months ago called Fix Georgias Pets. We are an umbrella group to raise money for shelters and vets to neuter/spay at low cost or no cost and to make sure cats and dogs are veted. You came to Atlanta awhile back and their was a lot of attention given at that time about the situation in Georgia. As you know dog fighting is big in certain areas around Atlanta and we are working to end this sad situation.. Sad to say things are not much better. Would you be interested in helping Fix Ga. Pets have a kick off event to bring attention to the sad situation of how many beautiful, innocent and loving companion animals are killed in Georgia. My dog, Yoda, was going to be killed the day I rescued him from a county shelter. The purpose of our group is to educate the public and raise money for vets and shelters to neuter/ spay. Our goal is to raise money and give grants to shelters and vets to expand their N/S clinics. We have some exciting things happening for our group. Not sure as yet when we will have our kick/off event but hope it will be in the Fall sometime. Please let me know if you can help us with our kick off campaign. We have a website Thank you for all you do to bring attention to the plight of the innocent. You are a wonderful example of how tough men have a heart and love those that cannot speak for themselves. Thank you, Rubye Reid – Atlanta, Georgia 404-261-1123

    • Mom says:

      Hi Rubye,

      Thank you for taking the time to comment on our blog, we love Rescue Ink, too — I sure we we still got their show here.

      I did want to tell you that you should visit their website to contact them with your request. Unless one of them happens to visit our blog they won’t see your post. Their website is here:

  2. Mandy says:

    Hi, Great program!! We really enjoyed it. I just started volunteering with an organization in Louisiana after my neighbor called animal control. I am truly grateful for what no kill shelters do. I never heard of one till I needed it, now theres nothing I wouldn’t do for them. If you love the show, get off your computer and go to a local petsmart/ animal shelter and volunteer. We took 10 dogs to New Orleans for an adpotion/parade and brought back 4, I loved it, it took me about 2 days to come down off the high of seeing these pets find a forever home. Thanks guys great show!!!!! P.S. my boyfriends a Yankee he loves the show as well.

  3. chris hoopingarner says:


  4. Cocoa says:

    I watched your show yesterday and the little dashound (on wheels)has almost the same problem as my jack russel but my dog is active he eats and goes out side to do his business and just runs on his front legs and still rest on his hind legs, we talk and were kidding around about making him a wheel chair but then we seen your show for the first time sunday and the guy was making a home made wheelchair, oh by the way my dog is also deaf but he is good with vibrations and we flick the ouside light if we want him to come in other than that he is a good dog !there any group like yours in Canada?

  5. lesley burton says:

    i finally got to watch one of your shows,the one where the gentleman is in the hospital and you guys get help for his dogs until he gets out,paws up for that,and also a gentleman shooting at cats for comming onto his proptey its was a shame he didnt take the equipment you guys bought and use it,did he ever stop shooting at the cats?i would just like to say the world needs more people like you bunch of teddy bears keep up the great work and paws up from canada ontario.

  6. Barbara Albritton says:

    Watched you guys all the time . You all are great and a wonderful bunch of guys. Would like to know when you will be back on tv . Miss you all hurry back soon. Thanks for what you do for animals.

  7. Joan Stephens says:

    You guys are the BEST !! You may not remember Hope, an old athritic rottweiler. She was chained for 11 years and you guys saved her and got her into Krissie”s rescue about a month ago. NO ONE , but, you guys were able to help her. We are picking her up this Sunday to join our small family of older rescued rotties. I had to thank you for everything that you do for the animals.
    Joan Stephens in Maryland

  8. Amy Jordan says:

    hi, i watched your programme last night for the first time. i thought it was wonderfull what you men do. i really wish there were more people like you in the world. As an animal lover myself i think you should all be given medals. I live in England and i just wish there were more people like you over here. Thank you for doing so much for the creatures that cant cry out for help!

  9. Jennie Todd says:

    This is just an FYI for you guys when an animal is classified as a service dog, an animal that helps those with disabilities like the yorkie Pinky that was stolen, it’s not just a state violation but it’s a federal one as well. These animals are protected by laws under the ADA American Disability Act laws. When you go to a congress individual perhaps that might make it a better bet then the kid that was caught was just a kid and is protected. That kid is only protected by the state not the Fed’s. Just so you know love your show and thanks for being you.

  10. Mom says:

    LOVE the show, guys! You are totally AWESOME!

  11. Robert says:

    Guys I sure know that if I would have seen you and didn’t know the humanity and love you show for those who can not speak for them selves when being mistreated, beaten or even being killed just because they were born. I would be horrified. Thank you the great job.

    Sincerely: Robert C Du Bois | Denver, Colorado

  12. Mom says:

    Thanks for the comment, Debby. We are soooooo excited to see the new show. You rock, Rescue Ink!

  13. Debby says:

    Love what you are doing. Hope it keep it up for many years to come. Spread your animal love to the St Louis MO area. I would give anything to give my time for this type of love. I too have lots of tats, the difference is I am a woman. Love Ya Guys!!!

  14. Mary says:

    Thank you for the support. Absolutely love the site and all the information.
    All the best, Mary (from Rescue Ink!)

  15. Georgie says:

    I always like to see anyone rescue animals in need. This is so cool to see guys you’d never suspect as caring about animals one iota, actually organize their own group and help animals that need it.

    Way to go guys!



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