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Riley’s Place Loves to Hear from Other Shep Lovers!

But FIRST … please READ, UNDERSTAND and RESPECT the contact rules on this page.

I continue to receive contact submissions related to topics that have already been covered extensively on our website. I’m not trying to be rude but it’s come to the point that it seems that nobody reads what’s on this page nor do they attempt to help themselves first by actually reading what’s already on our blog and other pages of our website (check out the topics in our website menu).

Instead they skip over all the great info on our site, come straight to this page, ignore everything on it above the contact form itself and start writing. It’s frustrating and time-consuming to have to repeatedly reply that I don’t do personal email or phone consultations and to please post their inquiry in the blog post related to their topic and I will respond there as time permits. I can’t answer emails any faster than I do blog comments. (When I respond I even include what they wrote me so all they have to do is find their blog post topic and copy/paste it in!) Then what happens is …. nothing. I never hear from them again which makes me wonder just how much help they really wanted in the first place?

If You Have a Comment or Inquiry on an Already Published Blog Topic

Please post your comments in the “Leave a Reply” box within the post you want me to respond to you on. This allows everyone to read and participate in what you have to say. After all it’s probably important or you wouldn’t be saying it! There may be a blog member that can help you as well so we’re not going to bypass the valuable information they may share. If you have something to say that isn’t already covered on the blog you can drop me a private message by submitting the contact form below.

If your inquiry requires a response, I’ll get back to you A.S.A.P. Although I try hard to keep up sometimes it’s very difficult so I ask you to allow ample time for a response — warning, sometimes responses take weeks. Please review my Help Disclaimer for more information and before proceeding to submit your contact inquiry. Reminder — I do not provide personal email consultations and I absolutely do NOT offer phone consults for any topic. This is what the blog is for. If you want personal, please contact a (hopefully reputable!) certified dog behaviorist.

*** If a Blog Topic is CLOSED ***

The Internet is a very large place and there is just one of me. It’s not that I don’t want to help because I do, but sometimes things happen beyond my control (such as family matters, human or dog illness and/or work overload) requiring me to have to limit blog time and at least temporarily close topics now and then. I don’t close comments for no reason.

If I can’t help you through our blog I also can’t help you through the contact form and as previously mentioned, I don’t do personal consults via email or telephone. The discussions on individual blog posts provide a tremendous amount of information. If you read what’s there you’ll likely find there is already helpful information posted. Your understanding and respect for whatever may be going on in my private life requiring me to close a post(s) is appreciated.

  • We've received a number of emails with invalid email addresses, please double check your entry.

    You are asking for help and you have NOT already read the original blog article, ALL comments and ALL responses on the topic you are contacting me about. Before you request help you must have read all of the above, your answer may already have been posted. Beginning 11/15/2015 requests for assistance emails regarding issues with your dog(s) that already have topic related articles published on our site will be ignored. If there is an article/blog post already published your comments must be entered in the Leave a Reply box. I'll reply as time permits and in the order comments are received. Thank you for your patience and cooperation!
  • Please enter a descriptive subject line that is related to your reason for contacting us.



We're sorry but Riley's Place is Not Accepting Help Requests or Blog Comments at This Time. Help Can be Found by Reading Existing Posts and Comments.