Loving Memories of Our Past Dog Loves

I realize this site is dedicated to German Shepherds and up until today I fought talking to much about the ones that came before Riley and Nissa. I just lost the battle.

The dogs that came before these two characters were no less loved and no less important to us than Nissa and Riley are to us today. It doesn’t matter that none of them were Germans Shepherds. They were all dogs we loved and cared for — each of them holding their own personalities and quirks that I know today I never really understood. For that I’m so very sorry. Knowing more about dogs today than I ever have —  if I had it to do over again – you can bet their lives would be better.

We can’t go back and change a thing — it’s to late for that and this makes me very sad. You all had good long lives but I know now they could have been even better than they were.


A few weeks ago I found a ceramic angel sitting on the shelf in a store which brought you all rushing to the front of my mind and the center of my heart. I stood in the store for a few moments while the tears fell down my face. Your Dad asked me why I was crying. I showed him the angel and I told him that I decided she would be your Guardian Angel and then he cried. So she now sits between the tiny containers which hold the ashes of your tiny bodies on top of the cabinet near my desk. Somehow this made me feel a little bit better.


We will never forget any of you — you all hold special places in our hearts and you have not been replaced by Riley and Nissa. One day they will join you at Rainbow Bridge and we hope you will welcome them as your brother and sister.

Dusty — Who was my guardian during my childhood years.

Cookie — My first Yorkie. I don’t think anyone ever believed you were a Yorkie because you never grew any hair. You had the face only a Mother could love and love you I did.

Gypsy — The little shaggy dog we rescued from the shelter. You were my childrens guardian and companion for 16 years. Such a good girl and so brave to the end.

Toby — My second Yorkie. I will never ever forget the day you chased that huge Rottweiler away from your Dad and down the street or the way you took such good care of me and my girls when their Dad left.

Damien — My third Yorkie, locally famous from your rescue from the puppy mill and always my little protector. The only dog I know who was welcome anywhere in town including the grocery store. I carried you everywhere tucked in my shirt or my coat with your little head sticking out and everyone wanted to meet the celebrity dog. Your epileptic seizures bothered me a whole lot more than they ever did you. I never did learn to handle them with the grace you did. Every single seizure scared me to death. 16 years together my little buddy and I still cry today from missing you.

Crocket — Our fourth Yorkie — brought into our home to be a brother to Damien when I had to go to work and didn’t want to leave him all alone. You did your job so well. The tiniest of them all with the biggest spirit.

Katy — Our fifth Yorkie — you were the sparkle in your Dad’s eyes and the sister your brothers needed. Oh – and Katy – as big and puppy-clumsy as he was during the short time you spent together — Riley loves you, too.


You all helped to forge the path we followed that brought us to where we are today. You didn’t care that we didn’t understand you the way you deserved to be understood. You loved us no matter what.


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