Dogisms are quotations, little short one or two sentence poems — wise, funny, sentimental, you name it. What they have in common is that they’re TRUE. It’s a lot of fun to find new “Dogisms” and add them to add to our site. Our most current Dogism will always be found on our home page. We hate to change them because we like both the existing and the new Dogism we post. So, in order to not lose the old for the new, we thought we’d start a “Dogism Collection!”  When we swap out the current Dogism on our home page for the new one, we’ll post the old ones on this page.

Submit Your DOGISM

Do you have a favorite Dogism that you’d like to see displayed on our site? Visit our contact page and give us the complete Dogism quote. You must also provide the name of the original author so that proper credit can be given. We understand that sometimes this means “Author Unknown” but you must make a good effort (Google is your friend!) to locate the name of the original author before submitting your Dogism.


We will not display Dogisms that are religious, derogatory or offensive. All Dogisms must be brief in order to fit in our Dogism image! Our image may change in how it looks but it’s size will probably remain the same which is 188px wide by approximately 225px tall. We can use a bit smaller font to maker somewhat longer Dogisms fit, but we cannot go to small because we must be kind to those readers with eyesight is not perfect.


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