It’s amazing what you can find that ‘s a health concern or hazard for dogs. It’s a mind blower how much is being learned through research these days — and I don’t mean research that involves the cruel use of animals to learn from either. More and more people are learning that there’s much more to owning and loving a dog than the old school “it’s just a dog” train of thought which really does need a healthy change in outlook.

If You Already Own or Want a Dog

In order to be the best responsible dog owner you can be, you owe it to yourself and to your dog(s) to do your own research so you can do what’s best for your dogs. Everything you do (and in some cases don’t do!) should be geared for your dog’s best interest. If you don’t currently have a dog but one is in your future, you should do your homework before purchasing or adopting a dog. This alone will help to keep more dogs from being surrendered to shelters and rescues or dumped along some highway because you’ll know ahead of time more of what to expect from your dog’s breed and how to best care and provide for its needs.

We Try to Help

Riley’s Place does it’s best to help you do this by providing the very best information we can find to share with you. We do stress that we are not veterinarians and that you should always check with your own vet before acting on anything at all that we post on our website.

Although I have no doubt that most vets do their best to provide excellent care for our canine family members, we’ve found that some vets are not pro-this or that depending on what “this or that” is. For example, there are still too many vets that although it’s been proven to be the healthiest diet for your dog, some vets do not believe in raw feeding. As dog owners and lovers, we sometimes must be the advocates for what we find is good for our dogs and then help to educate our vets. After all, they are busy people and only human and can’t be expected to know it all no matter how hard they may try to keep up with the newest developments. Did you know that some vets receive funds (also known as kickbacks!) from dog food companies to promote their products — but that definitely doesn’t necessarily mean that these products are best for your dog. Some of them can actually be harmful but because they put enticing commercials on tv and in magazines, they continue to sell products that no one should give to their dogs!

Love a Dog? Learn More About Better Dog Care!

We urge you to become more educated when it comes to your dog’s health. Our furry friends are so much more than “just dogs” and you can show your love by learning more about good ways to care for them and providing the best you can for their needs! It’s really not that hard and you will be rewarded with the love and affection only a dog can give you for many more years to come!

List of Links for Better Dog Health


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