GSD Rescues

There are a number of reputable German Shepherd Dog rescues in Wisconsin and surrounding states. There are more dogs needing homes than the rescues can handle many times. Please, if you are searching for that perfect dog for you and your family, won’t you please consider rescuing one that really needs a Forever Home and family to love them?

You can find more dogs like me that need Forever Homes by visiting the web sites of these rescues and shelters. Because there are probably more humans like our folks who don’t mind traveling to adopt just the right dog, we are going to also give links to rescues in surrounding states.

Things to REMEMBER

  • Each each organization has guidelines they must follow.
  • One organization’s guidelines are not the same as another.
  • Adoption procedures and fees will vary.

Riley’s Place is not responsible for policy and procedure for any of the rescues or shelters listed. This list is provided only as a courtesy to the organizations and as a convenience to help you find your special dog. If an organization is on our list, it does not mean we are endorsing or recommending them. Your dealings with them are between you and the organization(s) you contact. It’s up to you to decide which agency is a good fit for you. Mom says everyone needs to do their own homework.



HUMANE Societies & Animal SHELTERS

Don’t forget to check your local (and maybe not so local) humane societies and animal shelters. They get shepherds at their facilities, too. Remember, being turned over to a shelter is part of how I got my Forever Home. I got lucky – not all of them from the shelters get to go to rescues. Some shelters keep lists of people who are looking for a certain kind of dog and when they get a dog in that matches, they will call the people on the list.

Mom says there are way to many shelters and humane societies in Wisconsin for us to put a whole list of them here. But she says you can find them by going to a place called Google and put in words like “humane society” along with the city name and you will find lots of them that way and that another place to look for your special dog is called Petfinder.


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