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Spaying & Neutering

There’s quite a bit of controversy surrounding the issue of spaying and neutering animals. We’re not here to start a debate on the topic. At our house we believe spaying and/or neutering your pets is the responsible thing to do. We are NOT in favor of spaying or neutering at some of the horrendously young ages this is being done.

The more that is learned about to-early spay & neuter the scarier the whole thing becomes. We would be happy if spaying and neutering would never be done until the pet is at a minium one year old. We feel that this alone would help alleviate some of the health issues pets and their owners can face on down the road if they spay or neuter to early. It really seems as though by trying to cure one issue, we only create other issues to deal with later on in our pet’s lives. Unfortunately, not all pet owners are responsible enough for this to be adopted as the norm.

There will probably always be a problem with over-population when it comes to domestic cats and dogs. Amazing isn’t it, that so many animals that live in the wild are in danger of extinction. On the other hand, those that live in a supposedly civilized society are being killed off due to over-population by the very people who domesticated them in the first place. I don’t know about you, but we see something very wrong with this.

We can and should help reduce the numbers of perfectly healthy animals being put down simply because suitable, loving homes cannot be found for them. It’s a heartbreaking fact that there are just more dogs and cats needing homes than there are good homes and families for them to go to.

Now that we know how to do do this, it’s time we figure out how to do it without putting our pet’s health in jeopardy by doing it to young!

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  1. Angie says:

    Everybody should spay or neuter their dogs if they are not going to breed them. Breeders need to be responsible and think about what they’re doing. With all the dogs in the world that don’t have homes, it’s only right that breeders not bring anymore dogs into this world either. If we could put a ban on breeding for like 3 or 5 years, I’ll bet we could really cut down on pet over-population.



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