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August 23, 2009
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Do You Believe in Animal Communicators?

The other day I met a woman named Maureen. We both have German Shepherds and so of course that was our main topic of conversation! Maureen mentioned that she’s had the opportunity to work with an animal communicator and I was all ears wanting to hear more. She told me the story of a dog that participated in a session with an animal communicator and it was pretty cool and in Maureen’s estimation was quite successful. After the session, the dog seemed very happy and they saw a definite change for the better in her.  I felt the questions she told me that had been asked were pretty general in my opinion and pretty much relate to the behaviors and characteristics of the German Shepherd breed in general. I decided then that should I ever participate in a session, I would want my questions to be more specific and geared specifically to my dogs. I’m also keeping in mind that our conversation was on numerous different topics and what Maureen shared with me was just a general overview of the entire communicator session and so there could have been more questions asked that were specific to that dog that I’m just not aware of. I’d love to talk with her some more, I had such a great time and would also love to hear more about her experiences with the communicator. I find the whole communicator thing quite  fascinating to tell you the truth. I hope we get another chance to chat and hopefully, I’ll get a chance to meet her furkids, too.

I’m still not 100% convinced that animal communicators can truly communicate with animals, but I do 100% without a doubt believe it’s entirely possible. For me it’s not fact yet, but if you think about it, there are psychics for people that have proven themselves, so why not do the same thing with animals?  For me it’s kind of like ghosts … although I’ve never seen one up close and personal, I can’t say I don’t believe in them. In fact, I think they really do exist and would love to meet at least one … long as he or she was the Casper type, you know … friendly and not scary! My daughter has seen ghosts and a few times been really freaked out over them.

I’ve been seriously thinking about giving an animal communicator a try. I’m beginning to formulate the things in my head that I’d like to talk over with my furkids via the communicator and the next step will be to make a list so that when the time comes (and I’m pretty sure it will fairly soon) I won’t forget anything. Maureen was very complimentary of the communicator they’d used and so I’ll probably just go to her. What has stopped me from attending a session so far is the cost. I just assumed they’d be quite expensive, but at least this one is not and if it turns out to be a scam, I won’t be out enough money that it would really hurt.

I’d love to get more input on the whole idea of animal communicators from you folks that have been to one. Won’t you please take a few minutes and share your experience  in our blog? After we have our session, I’ll come back and share our experience.


  1. Lindsey C says:

    I’ve been reading through your different posts. This sounds very interesting! There are definitely questions I would ask specific to my furbaby if we had the opportunity to see an animal communicator. I’m just wondering if you did end up going to an animal communicator and if yes what you thought of it?
    Thank you :)

    • Mom says:

      Hi Lindsey,

      First of all, thank you so much for reading our blog. This is always nice to hear!

      Yes, I did a phone session with an animal communicator and I found it quite interesting. One of the most interesting things that we still talk about at our house is that just before we ended the session the communicator said that Riley had something he wanted to tell us and this was “You never have to clip my toenails again. It’s one of the stupidest things I’ve ever heard of.” What makes this interesting is that we had very recently had a nail clipping session and knew that Riley didn’t like this at all. He’d made it quite difficult for us to perform this task. I had not mentioned anything at all about nail clipping in my conversation with the communicator.

      I believe I was very careful not to give the communicator any information that would “tip her off” on anything I wanted to know from her. I kept notes of our session and very much want to have another one but with a different communicator. I’d like to see if the two of them tell us the same things about some of the stuff we talked about.

      I would very much like to visit with a very well known communicator who also provides cd’s of the session. The one I chose (because of cost) is not a renowned communicator. That doesn’t mean she doesn’t know what she was doing but in a way I’m wondering if an animal communicator isn’t one of those “you get what you pay for” kind of things. What’s stopping me is lack of funds. Money’s tight and although this is something I really want to do, I just can’t justify cutting loose with funds on something that isn’t a necessity or at the very least really important to the household. Every time I get a little money set aside to pursue this, something comes along that requires me to use my “communicator money” elsewhere. Wanting to include both dogs adds to the cost and I’m not going to exclude a dog. So, one day I do plan to do this again.

      I hope if you do a session that you will enjoy it, that you will gain the information you want and that you’ll come back here and tell us about it. Thanks again for reading and joining in the discussion.

  2. diana says:

    My animal communicator is also my doggie chiropractor… that’s the main reason I began going to her. Yes, much of what she says is very general, but here is why I believe she is really connecting. During a session and after some very general statements, my communicator asked if we liked to stretch together? Wierd… I had no idea what this meant and said so. She didn’t get it either, but since she is also my chiropractor, she said that maybe Maddie wanted to stretch and proceeded to show me how to stretch and massage her legs, body, etc. OK, no problem. Until the next morning when Maddie and I woke up. We sleep in the space of one person… she is curled up in a ball at my feet and I am curled in fetal position. When Maddie knows I am awake she gets up and proceeds to stretch with her front feet on the floor and her back feet on the bed (butt up) and as soon as she moves out of her spot, while she is still stretching, I also stretch out in the space she vacated. WE STRETCH TOGETHER EVERY MORNING! It’s how we start our day together! What an epiphany! This is such an odd thing to come up with, there has to be something to it. Maddie and I still start our day stretching together!


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