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Metronidazole Toxicity is Scary Stuff!

bottle of metronizadole for dogs

I’m really angry right now and have been since Thursday of last week. I know I sound like  a broken record but I wonder every time Riley suffers from something new why he just can’t catch a health break? What did he ever do to deserve all the health issues he suffers from? In a way I blame myself because of the auto-immune conditions he has. I beat myself up over not researching vaccines before just playing follow the leader by doing everything according to the law such as vaccinating my dogs. Well, here we are again • • •

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A Couple of Bumps Turns to Serious Stuff for Riley

bumps inside Riley's top left lip

Well, it seems our Riley is bound and determined to suffer from anything and everything medical that German Shepherds are susceptible to. Our guy just can’t seem to catch a break. His newest medical malady started with what appeared to be a couple of bumps inside his top lips (see photo). There were two of them, one on each side and in almost exactly the same place on each side. I know that sounds odd, how can a dog get twin bumps in his mouth? We figured were just that he’d poked himself with a bone or other • • •

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A Fence is Like a Rule so Don’t Break the Rules

German Shepherd Private Property No Trespassing sign

I wanted to share an experience we had here not too long ago. I was outside one day and my backyard neighbor called me over to our fence. He wanted me to know that while I was sleeping the day before, the kids who live across the yards were outside playing kick ball. One of the kids has a pretty darn good kicker because he managed to kick the ball into our yard which you’ll just have to trust me on this, is one heck of a kick! His brother decided to go get the ball which meant he • • •

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Help! My Dog is AFRAID of MEN!

scared dog hiding

I received a private email from a gal by the name of Jody asking for some help. She’s concerned because her dog is afraid of men. Since fear is the #1 reason a dog bites, she’s right to be concerned and I give her a lot of credit to try to help her dog overcome his fear, which for me is Jody being a good dog Mom! I’m proud of you, Jody!

Jody Wrote

“We adopted our dog at a year old from a local rescue society. He had an injury on the top of • • •

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