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DIY FREE or Almost Free Dog Toys

Free or almost free dog toys

It’s time for a fun post. I need a break from so much talk about dog illnesses, conditions and other health issues. Sometimes the sadness and pain just gets to be too much for me, it makes my heart and my brain hurt and I need to take a little detour. I also promised a special friend (Hi Kelley!) to send her my instructions for making some of our dog’s favorite toys. Then I thought “Why not share this with our readers, too?” So, let’s have some fun making some free or darn close to free toys • • •

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Vaccinating Your Dog? Learn Before You Poke!

German Shepherd being vaccinated - Think Before You Poke!

We are not alone … many dogs suffer from a variety of painful, debilitating illnesses from having been over-vaccinated. Too many vaccinations can cause a dog to suffer from auto-immune diseases like hypothyroidism, symmetrical lupoid onychodystraphy also called SLO and Inflammatory Bowel Disease (IBD) just to name a few. Just tonight I read an article in the Dogs Naturally Magazine about the rabies vaccine as a culprit for aggression. This is only a sampling of the things already known and being learned which can happen all due to vaccines. Of the conditions I mentioned, our boy Riley suffers from • • •

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Metronidazole Toxicity is Scary Stuff!

bottle of metronizadole for dogs

I’m really angry right now and have been since Thursday of last week. I know I sound like  a broken record but I wonder every time Riley suffers from something new why he just can’t catch a health break? What did he ever do to deserve all the health issues he suffers from? In a way I blame myself because of the auto-immune conditions he has. I beat myself up over not researching vaccines before just playing follow the leader by doing everything according to the law such as vaccinating my dogs. Well, here we are again • • •

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A Couple of Bumps Turns to Serious Stuff for Riley

bumps inside Riley's top left lip

Well, it seems our Riley is bound and determined to suffer from anything and everything medical that German Shepherds are susceptible to. Our guy just can’t seem to catch a break. His newest medical malady started with what appeared to be a couple of bumps inside his top lips (see photo). There were two of them, one on each side and in almost exactly the same place on each side. I know that sounds odd, how can a dog get twin bumps in his mouth? We figured were just that he’d poked himself with a bone or other • • •

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