Memories of the Forever Loved

Pet Cemetery

We received a post from Doc Holliday which includes a link to a photo of his very unique tribute to his forever loved German Shepherd, Amelia. What makes this tribute even more special, is that it was created with Amelia’s ashes.

Our thanks to Doc for the idea to provide a blog page on our web site where people can post links to photos of their German Shepherd Dogs who have passed on and are now happily romping at Rainbows Bridge. These dogs may be gone from our physical worlds, but their humans will never forget them. We understand the pain of a loss like this and are happy to provide a place for you to place a loving remembrance link to your special GSD FurKid. To those of you who have lost a pet, we are so very sorry for your loss.

Others are welcome to add their own links to this page. Please do not post the photo itself, but instead include a link to your web site page that contains a photo of your own “gone but never forgotten” German Shepherd Dog. If you don’t have a web site to link to, feel free to post a text blog entry of your fondest memory.

We’d also like to encourage you to click over to Rainbows Bridge and take advantage of the opportunities they offer to create your own virtual home for your beloved pet. Rainbows Bridge is a very special place to forever remember, honor and continue to care for your lost baby, no matter what type of pet it is.

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