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June 19, 2008
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June 25, 2008
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Our Man Cesar

We are major Cesar Millan fans at our house. My Mom calls him “The Man.” Not sure Dad likes that since he thought he was “The Man” but not according to Mom. She parks herself in front of the tv every day at 1 o’clock. If Dad’s watching the tv, Mom makes him change the channel. Wow! He doesn’t change the channel for anyone, so this Dog Whisperer guy must really be good!

Mom and Dad try really hard to keep us balanced like Cesar says is best but I sure don’t make it easy for them some days. Doing things like Cesar has made a nice difference :-) He’s one cool Dude! It must be great fun to live in a big pack of dogs, go swimming, pull people around on those things with the wheels and walk in the mountains.

When I came to live here, the folks had never heard of The Dog Whisperer, never heard of Cesar Millan and never had a big strong dog like me. Mom says there’s a big difference between having Yorkies and having Shepherds and she says it doesn’t all have to do with the breed size difference. She didn’t know that dog behavior is different than dog training. She’s trying to get the hang of the behavior thing. This is real hard for her because all she’s ever known is that you love, feed, play and train a dog things like sit, stay and come. I think eventually she’ll get it, after all it really is just common sense.

Now that she knows there are differences, she realizes she made mistakes and they’re trying hard to get things right by doing things Cesar’s way. I’m not a bad dog. I just cuddled up to Mom and batted my baby browns all the way to being THE dominant one and she never saw it coming. Now Dad tells people that I own Mom. I thought I was just doing my job taking care of her when he’s gone.

I keep hearing them say that Mom’s going to have to learn to be the boss of us. Hmmm, not sure I like that but since it’s how Cesar does things, I’ll give it a chance. Maybe Nissa will stop all that whining she does. If I got things figured out right, I got the easy part of this job. It’s Mom that’s got all the hard stuff to do.

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