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Vaccinating Your Dog? Learn Before You Poke!

We are not alone … many dogs suffer from a variety of painful, debilitating illnesses from having been over-vaccinated. Too many vaccinations can cause a dog to suffer from auto-immune diseases like hypothyroidism, symmetrical lupoid onychodystraphy also called SLO and Inflammatory Bowel Disease (IBD) just to name a few. Just tonight I read an article in the Dogs Naturally Magazine about the rabies vaccine as a culprit for aggression. This is only a sampling of the things already known and being learned which can happen all due to vaccines. Of the conditions I mentioned, our boy Riley suffers from each and every one of them. That’s a lotta hurt for one dog to have to live with, it’s also a lot of veterinary cost for us even with the pet insurance we carry.

One of the reasons that Riley’s Place exists is to help educate people with dogs so rather than repeat what I’ve learned (and am still learning) I’m going to keep this short and simply give you some links to articles to help get you started on your education into the adverse reactions and dangers of vaccines.

Think about this … once your child has completed their round of childhood vaccines they’re done. They don’t need any more except the occasional tetanus shot, so why do we continue to vaccinate our dogs every year or few years? I’ve so far decided I’m not getting my annual flu shot either … do I want to get the flu? Of course not, but by educating myself I’m learning that even though I’m considered high risk — getting the flu can be a whole lot less dangerous in the overall picture than some of the side-effects of an annual flu shot! I mean really people, every year the “experts” GUESS at what needs to be in a flu shot because they have absolutely no way of knowing for certain what strain of flu is going to strike the nation. Think about it!

Read, Learn, Think and Discuss

We urge you to not just “buy into” the old school routine vaccination protocol. READ, LEARN, and THINK before you routinely poke your pets and never forget that the pharmaceutical companies are at the core of pushing vaccines. Why? Because it means more green stuff in their wallets! We also urge you to discuss vaccinating your pets with your vet and be sure to have or get a vet that is well educated in the field.

Our Must Read List of “Learn Before You Poke” Dog Vaccination Articles

Currently this is a short list, but we intend to add to it as we find and learn more about the adverse and sometimes reactions dogs can and do have to vaccinations.

Do you have any links to share that will help educate people on vaccinating their dogs?


  1. Tim Carter says:

    Deb, I am SO GLAD to see we are not the only ones warning of over-vaccinating! One of our subscribers privately told me of you after reading OUR TAKE on vaccinations ( I am adding a link to this page underneath our Periodical now.

    Looks like I gonna find more agreement here when I’ve got some time going through some nuggets I am seeing…

    (looked up your name from “about” page, hope got it correct)

    • Mom says:

      Hi Tim,

      Thanks so much for dropping in and it’s nice to have a partner on this vaccination thing! LOVE your articles, very in-depth and informative! Let’s keep the war going!



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