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May 14, 2017

Saying Good-Bye to Our Riley

Our hearts shattered into too many pieces to count on November 12, 2016 when we had to say good-bye to more »
January 10, 2016
a lesson in blog etiquette

Help Me to Help You — A Lesson in “Please Help Me!”

Ok folks, I’m gonna go way off topic here. I have a good number of people requesting help and/or feedback more »
January 9, 2016
get help with pet health costs

Get Help With Pet Health Costs

For so many pet owners our animals are our family. We make sure they are fed, healthy, and even let more »
September 21, 2015

Nissa’s Cancer – We’ve Gone Golden!

Well, it’s been a few months now since Nissa was diagnosed with cancer. I’m ecstatic to report she’s doing exceptionally more »
September 21, 2015

Pups & Pumpkins – Treat Recipe & Health Tips

Hello Riley’s Place readers! I’m so excited! I’d like to introduce you to Chelsy Ranard who’s written this guest article more »
July 8, 2015
dog wearing a muzzle made from a nylon leash

ALWAYS Muzzle Your Dog in an Emergency!

I’m really not a fan of dog muzzles. Most muzzles make your dog look like a vicious dangerous killer (visions more »
June 21, 2015

Nissa’s First Week on Chemo

Nissa is the one of our three sheps that most people walking down the street are the most afraid of. more »
June 18, 2015

Our Journey with Nissa’s Cancer – Round 2

To learn one of my precious furbabies has cancer was a lot like getting knocked out in Round 1 of more »
May 19, 2015
photo of early stage cancer

Our Vet Said “Your Dog has Cancer”

Seems like just when I think I’m going to have time to catch up on answering blog posts here something more »
March 15, 2015

Saving My Dogs from the Vet

It’s been a really long frustrating three weeks or so. We were at our vet for a routine appointment when more »
December 15, 2014

DIY FREE or Almost Free Dog Toys

It’s time for a fun post. I need a break from so much talk about dog illnesses, conditions and other more »
December 2, 2014

Vaccinating Your Dog? Learn Before You Poke!

We are not alone … many dogs suffer from a variety of painful, debilitating illnesses from having been over-vaccinated. Too more »
November 26, 2014

At Our Wits End with Our OCD Dog!

I received an email from a reader regarding their dog who’s displaying what they call some unusual behaviors and which more »
October 27, 2014

Metronidazole Toxicity is Scary Stuff!

I’m really angry right now and have been since Thursday of last week. I know I sound like  a broken more »
September 28, 2014

Lunging Dogs and Politely Greeting Guests

I received an email from a woman named Aimee inquiring if I knew any local behavioral trainers for her dog. more »
September 15, 2014

Simplest Fix EVER for a Dog’s Fear of the Vacuum Cleaner!

I really don’t know why so many dogs are afraid of the vacuum cleaner but they are. Both our Nissa more »
September 15, 2014

A Couple of Bumps Turns to Serious Stuff for Riley

Well, it seems our Riley is bound and determined to suffer from anything and everything medical that German Shepherds are more »
September 9, 2014
fear aggressive german shepherd puppy

I Don’t Have Time to Fix My (Aggressive?) Puppy

I received an email that I’d like to share with you. These folks wrote me privately about their puppy who more »
June 17, 2014

A Fence is Like a Rule so Don’t Break the Rules

I wanted to share an experience we had here not too long ago. I was outside one day and my more »
March 31, 2014

Help! My Dog is AFRAID of MEN!

I received a private email from a gal by the name of Jody asking for some help. She’s concerned because more »
March 27, 2014

Think BEFORE You Bring Your Dog to People Events

It’s becoming very popular to use special events for fund raising and pet adoptions. Rescues and shelters bring adoptable dogs more »
March 16, 2014

Double Dentals Pet Toy Kills a Dog

Sadness fills our hearts as we just learned of yet another dog having died as a result of playing with more »
March 3, 2014

Dog ID Tags Do’s and Don’ts

You might think this is an insignificant topic but the truth is, it’s more important than you may think. We more »
February 13, 2014

WHAT or WHO is KILLING These Dogs? Can You Help?

In June of 2012 I received a private email from Natasha about her dog Jesse’s behavior after they tragically lost more »
January 30, 2014

AVMA FAILS PETS and PET OWNERS on Jerky Treats Warning

I was not only dumbfounded but infuriated when I learned from NBC News a few days ago that the American more »
October 24, 2013
don't over-vaccinate your dog!

Why and How to STOP OVER-Vaccinating Your Dog

It was a long hard summer for us here at Riley’s Place but at least for the moment we are more »
September 10, 2013

Dogs Hunting Wolves is Just Another Name for DOG FIGHTING

I don’t care how big and bad you think your dog is, I don’t believe there is a dog out more »
August 21, 2013


If you use Iverhart Ivermectin Plus heartworm prevention medication for your dog you need to read about their recall. There more »
August 20, 2013

What We’ve Learned About Symmetrical Lupoid Onychodystrophy

This past month has been depressing, maddening and exhausting for me and painful and depressing for Riley. Since he was more »
July 18, 2013
Paw of a German Shepherd with Symmetrical Lupoid Onychodystrophy

Broken Toenails may be more Serious than Your Dog Just Being a Klutz

A few days ago I wrote about one potential danger in the use of wire crates for your dogs. Our more »
July 11, 2013
one danger of a wire dog crate

One Hazard of a Wire Dog Crate

We’ve always used wire crates for our FurKids. We like the fact the dogs can see out of the crates more »
June 30, 2013
July 4th fear of noise in dogs

Damn You and Your Fireworks!

Here we go again, tonight was the first night of fireworks season in our neighborhood. Fireworks “season?” Yes. You see, more »
June 30, 2013
photo of the prescription drug acepromazine

Why I Won’t Give My Dogs Acepromazine AKA “Ace” for Thunder-Phobia or Fireworks

Thunderstorm and fireworks seasons are upon us and if you’re anything like me, you’re a dog owner who’s seeking relief more »
June 18, 2013
Is hiring a dog walker a good idea?

Is Hiring a Dog Walker a Good Idea?

Once in awhile I think how nice it would be for me to have a dog walker to walk my more »
May 9, 2013
Trunking - a new trend in Animal Cruelty


We’re not new to rescue at Riley’s Place, and we’ve heard our share of animal cruelty stories. Well, now it more »
May 8, 2013
I am a FOREVER dog NOT an UNTIL dog

I am a FOREVER dog

Sometimes I come across a little something that just hits the nail on the head and I want to share more »
March 30, 2013

Puppy with a Foot Fetish

I recently received an inquiry from a reader named Rachael regarding her new puppy who seems to have a foot more »
February 10, 2013


Yay! The word is getting out that fish oil which contains EPA and DHA are good for you dog’s brain more »
January 26, 2013

2,000+ Sick Dogs, 500+ Dogs and 9 Cats Dead

Dogs and cats are getting seriously sick and dying after eating chicken jerky treats. This topic and it’s subsequent warnings more »
January 24, 2013
guard dog sign and a puppy on a fence - we should protect our dogs our dogs should not protect us

FUR Better FUR Worse FUR Protection

Like most people in my generation, I grew up believing that your dog will protect you from bad things. Several more »
December 10, 2012

You Might be a Dog Lover IF …

I can’t take credit for writing this but I could not resist sharing it with our readers. This was sent more »
December 3, 2012


We were out for a walk  a couple of weeks ago. About 2/3 of the way through the walk I more »
November 8, 2012

Ding Dong Knock’n’Jump Dogs

One of the behavior problems dog owners may have to deal with is their dog jumping up on people. This more »
October 27, 2012

Up and Coming Cujo in the Making?

I received an email from a site visitor by the name of Dan who’s got a real problem with his more »
September 17, 2012

Our Vitamin Experiment BACKFIRED!

Several months ago I read an article in Dog Fancy magazine about how Vitamin B can help with things like more »
August 16, 2012

SKUNKED! How to Get Skunk Out of a Dog

In June we were out for a walk about 3:30am. In the dark I saw something moving and was expecting more »
July 31, 2012

Can You Help Brenda KEEP HER DOGS?

As we all know these are very hard times throughout the United States and some of us are being hit more »
July 21, 2012
dog drinking from the Hagen DogIt Watering Fountain

WE LOVE the Fresh & Clear Drinking Fountain

Does your dog’s water dish wind up empty for hours on end because you aren’t always quite on top of more »
July 8, 2012
summer heat can kill a dog in a car

Summer Heat KILLS DOGS!

I don’t know how much more simple and direct it can be said: HEAT KILLS. It’s not a  foreign language, more »
July 2, 2012
help for people who's dogs growl at them

Help! My Dog is GROWLING AT ME!

I received an email from a dog owner by the name of Freddy who’s asking for help for his dog more »
July 1, 2012
How to help your dog cope when another pack member dies.


After reading the horror and sadness of Natasha’s story, I got an email from my sister Sandy with a suggestion more »
June 18, 2012

BEHAVIOR CHANGE After Pack Member Dies

I received a private email from one of our website visitors about the death of one of her pack members more »
May 3, 2012
Dog wearing a micro-chip t-shirt.

Do Microchips MIGRATE?

I am one of the most paranoid people I know about keeping my dogs safe. But I also believe that more »
March 5, 2012
Group of Dogs - A Dog's Plea

A Dog’s Plea

Treat me kindly, my beloved friend, for no heart in all the world is more grateful for kindness than the more »
February 16, 2012
Kongs are not just for treats - you can serve your dog's meals in Kongs!

Dishing Up Meals KONG STYLE!

Kongs are favorite toys for millions of dogs all over the country — this is our Nissa with her Kong. more »
December 1, 2011
Chow-Shepherd mix puppy named Dexter


I’d like you to meet Jaws — oops — I mean Dexter, a Chow-Shepherd mix puppy currently about six months more »
November 9, 2011
Aqua Paws hydrotherapy for dogs

Hydrotherapy and the Bone Crusher

As you all know, in September our guy Riley was diagnosed with severe bi-lateral hip dysplasia meaning both hips were more »
November 4, 2011

A Man with Three Great German Shepherds

I’m so excited to have been personally asked by the Author, Mark Butterworth, to review his new book! I do more »
October 1, 2011
A dead puppy speaks from the grave to the owner he loved.

I Died Today

Sometimes you come across something that just tears your heart out, chops it up in little pieces, tosses it on more »
September 18, 2011
photo of a German Shepherd's rear hips

Hip Dysplasia Strikes Riley

This post is sad for me to write but I think it’s important to share our story so that hopefully, more »
September 13, 2011
German Shepherd held by it's collar

Owner Shoots German Shepherd

I’m absolutely furious! I watched a news video from June of this year about a man who leashed up his more »
August 22, 2011
Kimberly Nizato - Courage's previous owner, Courage then and Courage now - photos by Cindy Yamanaka of the Orange County Register

How is This Justice for Courage?

It’s been over a year since Courage, the nearly starved to death German Shepherd in Orange County, California was found more »
July 9, 2011
white dog wearing "FREE to Good Home" sign

No More FREE to Good Home Pets

I saw an ad on www.freecycle.org the other day that literally made me cringe. “Puppy — Free to Good Home.” more »
July 2, 2011
emaciated german shepherd

The Horrors of Animal Cruelty

There is absolutely no excuse, reason or justification for being cruel to an animal. None. Zip. Nadda. Sadly, it doesn’t more »
June 20, 2011
raw meat diets for dogs

Venturing into RAW Feeding

I’m honestly having trouble believing I’m doing this. Hubby had been all for this forever, but I just could not more »
June 5, 2011
dry dog food in a white ceramic bowl with blue dog paw prints

What’s in Your Dog’s Food Bowl?

I grew up believing that processed commercial dry dog food is what you fed your dog. You bought the cheapest more »
May 24, 2011
Our experience with the emotional damage fireworks can do to a dog.

Fireworks & Dogs – Her Fear is Our Heartache

We used to LOVE fireworks. The 4th of July used to be a favorite holiday at our house, but after more »
January 27, 2011
example of a couple of laser lights people use to play with their dogs

Laser Light Obsession and Injuries in Dogs

Quite some time ago I purchased one of those toy laser lights to use for playing with the dogs … more »
January 16, 2011
photo of a dog barking in the woods

Do Female Dogs Bark More Than Males?

When we had our three Yorkies there was one female and two males. Our female, Kady, drove me nuts with more »
January 16, 2011
I am a dog not a thing ... dogs are not property.

A Thing? Your Property? NO! It’s a Dog!

I just read one of the most beautiful articles about dogs that I’ve ever seen. We who love dogs do more »
January 13, 2011
Police K9 wearing a K9 vest

What’s Happening to Our Retired K9’s?

I just don’t understand this at all. Its always been my understanding that when a Police Department retired a K9 more »
October 8, 2010

What’s the Craziest Thing Your German Shepherd Has Done?

I posted a request on Twitter today asking Tweeters of the “German Shepherd Lovers” flavor for their ideas on what more »
September 8, 2010

Furkid Meets Furball

A couple of days ago I was quietly working at my computer when Riley went into (sigh) Guard Dog Mode. more »
August 29, 2010

Tethered Dogs Can Be Deadly Dogs

I just finished reading an article about 4 year old little Taylor Becker who was killed by dog. Being a mother and grandmother more »
July 25, 2010
there's a better way to pick up dog poop!

Pickin’up da Poop

It’s a dirty job but someone’s gotta do it. There are a number of fancy gadgets on the market for more »
May 17, 2010

Understanding Dog Bite Behavior or Don’t Blame the Dog When it Bites

Of all the dog bites that occur in the U.S., children are most often the victims. Did you know that more »
April 10, 2010

The Story of “Courage”

I first saw this story while at work about 4am this morning and I’m still crying. How ANYONE could do more »
March 16, 2010

Dog Thieves, Nappers and Bunchers

BEWARE! Be on your toes and always keep your dog(s) close and in your sight! We all know that’s not more »
February 21, 2010

Saying Good-Bye to Daddy

The dog world lost one of it’s best on Friday February 19, 2010 when Cesar Millan’s Pit Bull Daddy quietly more »
November 28, 2009

CANINE BLOAT – When Being Paranoid is a Good Thing

Bloat is a word to fear. Actually what bloat does is what’s to fear. Bloat is a killer and it more »
October 11, 2009

Do You Believe in Animal Communicators?

The other day I met a woman named Maureen. We both have German Shepherds and so of course that was more »
August 23, 2009

Driving With Your Dog’s Head Out the Window

On our way to the lure course today, we saw two different vehicles driving on a highway at speeds of more »
July 6, 2009
Gramma with her furry Grankids

How Our Gramma Helps

For many people, money is always tight, but in these days of our horrendous economy, sadly, so many people are more »
June 10, 2009

Thyroid Aggression

Huh? What’s “thyroid aggression?” Well, for us it was a long, hard, depressing, frustrating and scary two year journey to more »
March 31, 2009

Foreclosure Pet Owner Syndrome

It seems like every day there’s a news story written about the way some families facing foreclosure on their homes more »
February 17, 2009

Animal Cruelty Laws Gaining Ground

It seems the United States is finally beginning to take a hard look not only at antiquated animal cruelty laws more »
February 11, 2009

Puppies From Hell

If you are expecting an article on bad puppy behavior, you’re on the wrong page. You’ve probably all heard of more »
January 21, 2009

Remembering Fallen K9s

Tonight I read about yet another K9 who gave his life in the line of duty. I cry every time more »
December 22, 2008

Tell Us Your Dog Hero Story

This page is dedicated to German Shepherds who have performed an amazing task of some kind or another. Among their more »
December 22, 2008

Memories of the Forever Loved

We received a post from Doc Holliday which includes a link to a photo of his very unique tribute to more »
December 20, 2008

Leash Law Violators

I have a real problem with people that don’t obey the leash laws. I can’t tell you how many dogs more »
November 20, 2008

The Importance of Socializing Your German Shepherd

Dogs by nature are social animals, they love people and interacting with us. I do not and probably never will more »
November 15, 2008
adopting a shelter or rescue dog

Adopting a Shelter or Rescue Dog

Are you interested in adopting a dog from a rescue or shelter? We applaud you! The number of abandoned, surrendered more »
November 15, 2008
K9 cops should all wear protective vests

K9 COP Safety

One of my new favorite shows is K9 Cops on the Animal Planet television channel. I love watching Police dogs more »
November 6, 2008

Save My Pet Stickers

You know those stickers you can buy that asks your fire department to save your pets in case of fire? more »
October 20, 2008

Rescue Ink

I’ve just come across one of the coolest things I’ve ever seen or heard of. People magazine has an article more »
October 7, 2008

Dog Collar Nearly Kills Nissa

I have to share a very scary thing that happened here tonight. I feel it’s important to share this in the more »
September 25, 2008

Dog Killed in Middleton Dog Park

I’ve been reading about the incident which occurred in a Middleton, WI area dog park where Igor a Bull Mastiff, more »
August 22, 2008

The Chain Gang

There is now a non-profit volunteer group that’s doing their best to get people to stop chaining their dogs. The more »
August 5, 2008

Innovative Pet Sitters

Have you got a pet that’s so quick and sneaky that they get away with or into things they shouldn’t more »
July 4, 2008

To Crate or Not to Crate?

Crating my Fur Kids is not something I like to do. I’m one of those humans that feels bad confining more »
June 27, 2008

Spaying & Neutering

There’s quite a bit of controversy surrounding the issue of spaying and neutering animals. We’re not here to start a more »
June 25, 2008
border collie looking guilty or naughty

Naughty Dog?

Being Mom to Yorkies was much different than being Mom to German Shepherds. The difference doesn’t have to do so more »
June 19, 2008

Our Man Cesar

We are major Cesar Millan fans at our house. My Mom calls him “The Man.” Not sure Dad likes that more »
June 19, 2008

Woofs from the FurKids

We’re really glad you found us and we hope you enjoy our web site. We’re having some great fun making more »
November 6, 2008

Save My Pet Stickers

You know those stickers you can buy that asks your fire department to save your pets in case of fire? more »

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