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Saying Good-Bye to Daddy

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Saying good-by to Daddy - Cesar and Daddy

The dog world lost one of it’s best on Friday February 19, 2010 when Cesar Millan’s Pit Bull Daddy quietly left us for Rainbow Bridge.
Daddy was everything a Pit Bull is not portrayed to be and and probably everything every Pit Bull owner wants their dog to be. He helped to show the world that not every Pit Bull is far from vicious bullies out to injure or kill every dog or person in it’s path. Daddy helped begin to change the minds of many who thought a Pit Bull was never a good choice for • • •

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Remembering Fallen K9s

Police K9 Funeral

Tonight I read about yet another K9 who gave his life in the line of duty. I cry every time I hear about one of these fantastic dogs dying while doing their job.
We’re grateful that at least now if you’re involved in the commission of a crime and a K9 dies because of you, you can be charged with a felony!
These dogs deserve to be honored and remembered in as many places as possible. It’s not much, it won’t bring them back but I thought it would be nice to have a tribute page • • •

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Tell Us Your Dog Hero Story

Tell us your hero story.

This page is dedicated to German Shepherds who have performed an amazing task of some kind or another. Among their many talents, German Shepherds are known for their high level of intelligence and their instincts will sometimes absolutely boggle your brain.
You don’t always have to train them to save lives, sniff drugs, assist the disabled or perform other amazing things. Sometimes they just do them on their own.
Specially trained to perform heroic tasks or not, do you have or know of a German Shepherd who performed an amazing deed? Whether or not your dog made news headlines • • •

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Memories of the Forever Loved

Pet Cemetery

We received a post from Doc Holliday which includes a link to a photo of his very unique tribute to his forever loved German Shepherd, Amelia. What makes this tribute even more special, is that it was created with Amelia’s ashes.
Our thanks to Doc for the idea to provide a blog page on our web site where people can post links to photos of their German Shepherd Dogs who have passed on and are now happily romping at Rainbows Bridge. These dogs may be gone from our physical worlds, but their humans will never forget them • • •

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